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  • Waterproofing
  • Geotechnical
  • Flooring
  • Never compromise

    We only work with key manufacturers using the most effective, technologically advanced waterproofing materials.

  • Extensive Experience

    Our team delivers a quality installation and gives you peace of mind.

Waterproofing makes up roughly 1% percent of the total cost of building construction, but accounts for up to 80% of construction repairs! 

With SMCC you’re leaving your project waterproofing in professional hands, our technicians are thoroughly trained, equipped and supervised throughout the installation process.

  • Shotcrete

    SMCC can react to various shotcrete inquiries, from architectural concepts to urgent repair or stabilization.

  • Soil stabilization

    We're a leader in various geotechnical processes, such as soil nailing and stabilization, piling, and anchoring.

Over the past decade, SMCC has become renowned for its geotechnical services expertise. We have a versatile team, proud of our reputation for the initiative, quality and delivery.  from standard sprayed concrete works to complex structures.

  • Highly Qualified Team
  • Extensive Experience
  • Leading Applicator

    Our highly experienced team and the products we use guarantees that work is applied to last.

  • Quality & Cost-effective

    We tailor our flooring solutions to suit your needs and budget.

SMCC is proud to be one of the leading floor applicators. We install highly durable and attractive floors using the best quality products – perfect for warehouses, commercial garages, factories, manufacturing plants, and other businesses requiring a hard-wearing solution. Our solutions are cost-effective, robust and long-lasting. 



Our joint treatment solutions offer a comprehensive range of products for various applications.

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Floor look and feel is the most crucial feature in any building as it's the most touched and seen by everyone.

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Improve the life and rebuild the concrete structure that would otherwise be demolished.

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High-end products are tailored to meet precise demands and guarantee peak performance in every way possible.

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Our top-of-the-line waterproofing products are engineered and picked for professional applicators.

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Wide range of quality block and plaster accessories that fits for every site and application.

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leading since 2008

The operation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
was established in 2008 and matured
into SMCC in 2020.

SMCC is a leading provider of specialized products and services to the construction community; the company has a related 15 years of Saudi experience
SMCC represents a number of leading brands, each of which is a major player in its line of business; our staff are fully qualified to advise, support and provide products from the various lines we handle, with a high level of professionalism and local market knowledge.

Latest News

SpEC Polysulphide joint sealant

A two part, low modulus, chemically curing gun

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24 Nov

SpecSeal Acrylic sealant

A single-component universal acrylic sealant, on all porous

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23 Nov

SpEC Polyurethane Sealant.

Medium modulus one part, PU construction sealant PU25

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23 Nov

answering your questions

Have other questions? please contact us.

. Who is SMCC?

Specialties Materials Chemicals Company (SMCC) is a leading provider of specialized products and services to the construction community in Saudi Arabia.

. What services do you provide?

We provide geotechnical, waterproofing and flooring services. We are ready to deliver customized solutions to you with a high trained teams that are dedicated to get the job done.

. how many locations do you have?

Jeddah Office:
Kanoo Building 1, Third Floor,
2763 Faisaliyah, Madinah Branch Road,
6767 Jeddah 23441, KSA.

Riyadh Office:
Juffali Building, Ground floor, Malaz Area,
Nasr Ibn Ghanem Road
Opposite to Juffali (Heidelburg Saudi)
Riyadh, KSA.

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